Sunday, 2 May 2010


Katie still wants me to vote for the Lib Dems. I'm not. I'm voting Labour since they're obviously the best. I don't understand how people think that Cameron or Clegg won the debates, they were spewing utter crap. I've never heard such silly things being said on TV. AND they got away with it. People say they want honesty and Brown gives them that, but people don't like it. GRRR. Also katie, I do think the Lib Dems have good ideas.. Trident is bad. Also, people totally need to chill about Europe and Immigration, both of which are cool.

Anyway I'm revising political theory, it's so dull and I don't understand it. Actually I think I just can't be bothered to understand it. Today I'm starting from scratch with Berlin and his negative liberty, slowly progressing to Charles Taylor, Republicanism, Neutrality, Toleration ...... right through to Nozick. By then I will have covered the whole of liberalism in the C20th as per the most boring dudes with the biggest spectacles.

I keep procrastinating... and I found this!
Hate the whole boring class thing but this made me giggle...

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  1. i somehow missed this in my feed. but it is ESPECIALLY relevant today so good times. also, cameron looks like iggle piggle, google it. xx