Sunday, 26 September 2010

the end of summer / beginning of term / DRESS HELP

Hello! I'm back in London. Its ok. wish I was at home. Although....I have a great new job - Information assistant at LSE careers service. I'm working at freshers fair tomorrow!

Anyway I need an A/W party dress. I'm spending a sickeningly high amount (for me - I like primark prices) . But I figure I have a job and that is what I spend on party dresses in this period anyway. So I'm going for quality not quantity.

sooo.... day 1 on the hunt for the perfect dress. I spent sunday afternoon at Liberty. My favourite shop in the whole entire world. Here are the results...

I also bought some jewel buttons from the haberdashery to snazz up some of my clothes. 2 Giant heart shaped emeralds for the cuffs on my mac and 6 amber little heart shape jewels for a black chiffon blouse. nice.

Also KurtGeiger has about 5 pairs of shoes I like. Its not fair.