Thursday, 10 February 2011

All night in the library

I'm in the library. it's increadibly lame.

My week has been crazy.

Monday: Class, followed by not much, followed by lame attempts to do my essays.
Tuesday: Part time job 1, followed by class, followed by attempt to do my essay. (failed)
Wednesday: Part time job 2. An evening at the London Stock Exchange. trying to do my essays.
Thursday: Part time job 1. Skipped class. Went for Sushi :) . Still in the library, not even half way through my assessed essay!!! ITS IN TOMORROW. 25% of one course. I want to go home and go to bed. But then aaron gave me these words once again the other day 'what would thatcher do.'

So i must stay and not complain.

Monday, 24 January 2011

I'm terrible

Dear Friends,

Katie and Mary... we never had our phone dates. It's super lame. Apologies. I love you lots. I'm going to add it to my list of resolutions for 2011.

1. Be early or at least on time EVERYWHERE. No excuses.
2. Stop spending excessive amounts on rubbish.
3. Take more photos.
4. Get a First.
5. Go to 90% of your classes (100% is impossible).
6. Get a job you actually want to do.
7. Dust the backpack off and go to: Japan, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.
8. Learn to drive. Then drive across America.
9. Actually use Russian and German for sensible purposes - like travel and work.
10. Relive Berlin: Hang with the tracksuits at Alexplatz. Chat with old ladies on the 'Orient Express (lol)'. Travel east and visit Marzahn to see how the black sheep and his crew are doing.
11. Make a pilgrimage to the 50 churches of Monreale. Say hi to the real Padre P aka Mr Quattrocchi and update him on Livia's northern european morality.
12. Start phoning my friends or get skype.
13. Start reading a (non-LSE) book every week.
14. Consider becoming a 'communist' who again.
15. Send letters with illustrations, stamps and glitter - like I used to.

I'm sure I'll think of more soon.

I'm not sure if no. 14 will happen but I certainly miss lying down in roads, making marxist friends and waving banners. It was so much fun but maybe a bit silly? I don't know.

Sophie, Jess - number 10...??? 'There's plenty more fish in the sea.'


Saturday, 9 October 2010

the last ever changing room post...i promise

featuring an amazing feather cape (£75 I want to buy, but cannot justify), a crazy puffy dress and my vivienne westwood party dress. xxx

Sunday, 26 September 2010

the end of summer / beginning of term / DRESS HELP

Hello! I'm back in London. Its ok. wish I was at home. Although....I have a great new job - Information assistant at LSE careers service. I'm working at freshers fair tomorrow!

Anyway I need an A/W party dress. I'm spending a sickeningly high amount (for me - I like primark prices) . But I figure I have a job and that is what I spend on party dresses in this period anyway. So I'm going for quality not quantity.

sooo.... day 1 on the hunt for the perfect dress. I spent sunday afternoon at Liberty. My favourite shop in the whole entire world. Here are the results...

I also bought some jewel buttons from the haberdashery to snazz up some of my clothes. 2 Giant heart shaped emeralds for the cuffs on my mac and 6 amber little heart shape jewels for a black chiffon blouse. nice.

Also KurtGeiger has about 5 pairs of shoes I like. Its not fair.


Sunday, 29 August 2010


I went to Croatia on the 19th -24th It was amazing. The hotel was so nice, the sea was so nice, the buffet breakfast was so nice. I was totally happy. Though if I'm honest I'd be happy in a hostel too, I just like to go away.

Anyway it was beautiful and now i'm back in London, in stinky covent garden. Sounds like a nice place to live but its kind of filthy and as i'm writing this I can hear a mouse eating its way round the kitchen. And i'm super bored, I woke up with memory loss and the worst hangover with mere flashbacks of the preceeding evening. Horrible. I have not been so drunk since I was a) refused entry to zoo bar, b) came back after a night out to down shots of vodka and c) got so drunk on £1 drinks in Sheffield Varsity that i couldn't stop knocking peoples drinks over. I hate it. And the bad feeling from that has ruined my day which could have been filled with waaaay more exciting things like cinema and museums and stuff. Though I did see this comedian called Doug Stanhope who was made me laugh lots or it could have just been the wine making me laugh.

Good news in my life is that I can finally see the end of this internship, where although the people are lovely, I just never want to do this kind of work again. I am super happy about returning to Pimlico where I have space and am desperate for term to start because there are so many things I want to do. I feel like I'm nowhere right now.

Also excellent news is that I've got an interview for a job in the LSE careers service office £10.45 an hour 10-15 hours a week. This really would save my bacon, be a nice addition to the CV and enable me to go somewhere on this list...


Want to come home and see you all very soon xxx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

OMGGGGG it's been too long

I'm going to start posting again but to start i'm just going to stick a selection of photos up here of everything that has happened to me...

Friday, 25 June 2010

I got an internship

just to let you know.... the millions of applications paid off. xxx

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hello again!!!

Mary, this one is for you. Although I've not got much to update you on!

Exams finished, the last one was GV227 - the politics of economic policy, anyway I don't think it went that well but my memory of the exam is blurred due to the drinking that happened after. I think I had 6 drinks outside the tuns with Emma to start my celebrations. It was a lovely lovely afternoon in the sun. Unfortunately I got tipsy amazingly fast and ended up in bed come time the afternoon. I woke up a few hours later with the worst handover of my life. Not sure how but in my state of inebriation I managed to go to topshop and pick out a few things. They're okay...

RAJA... no more
A fine and distinguished exam beard, it was eventually lost to the razor.

OMG last night I went to this restaurant in Pimlico / Victoria called Preto. Its a Brazilian Churrascaria place. You just grab a plate go to the (really amazing) salad and traditional brazilian sides buffet to get some battered banana, onion rings and really amazing salads then wait at your table for the meat to start coming. The waiters constantly bring you massive skewers of all kinds of beef steaks, chicken, pork (but no one bothers with pork) and CHICKEN HEARTS which they carve onto your plate at your table. My favourite was the red and bloody garlicky beef. I've never had such good steak. Its all you can eat! I spent £38, lots and lots of money but I did share a decent bottle of red and had a pina colada to finish!

Then we went back and had champagne. It was nice!

Katie! Clare! Tron! Livia! - This week and weekend please I'm here and I would love to entertain.
(mary when you've finished exams!!!!)

Maybe I'll even take you to to get a cocktail in a teacup. My sister recommended this bar on Charlotte Street called Bourne and Hollingsworth. So when Sophie and some SAASY people were in London we decided to try it. It's in a basement and is decorated kind of 1940s living room / quaint tearoom - it's all floral wallpaper, white tablecloths, I even saw a lace doily! The bar is a wooden serving hatch and have amazing cocktails served in teacups, beautiful old fashioned champagne glasses and even old jars! The music was awesome on my visit 60s, 70s, 80s, pop, disco, anything.

I like to post pictures of food. I think I like cooking and looking more than eating. I just can't decide what the best thing about food is. I've been eating many takeouts recently BUT my new favourite super quick thing to cook is anything teriyaki! Chicken, beef and TUNA STEAK. so tasty. best with rice. after marinating I boil the marinade down so it's thick and sticky, then pour it over the meat and rice. heaven. ratio of mirin/cooking rice wine:soy sauce:brown sugar = 2:2:1 plus crushed garlic cloves, tiny bit of grated ginger, maybe a bit of honey.

It's become a thing that Aaron gets mentioned in every post now. So I'd like to say that after a week of the slim fast plan he lost 4 Kilos. a week of sensible meals later he looks even thinner. IT WORKS. Unfortunately he's just gone back to Canada (boooo) and is about to start a trading internship at CIBC. Meaning, he'll have to mix it at home and take it to work in a sports bottle and pretend its a protein shake, in order to fit in with the macho traders. Good luck Aaron!! We miss you already and remember WWTD!?


Sunday, 30 May 2010

To all concerned...

Aaron likes girls who wear more.

1. He likes a challenge, and when there's more for them to take off the bigger and better the challenge. This is why he likes girls who wear the hijab and avoid eye contact. If he sees them, he'll be extra nice, open doors and sit next to them in class.
2. He likes 'yoga pants,' tights and leggings. sexy and streamlined. When girls cover up it creates an air of mystery and avoids early disappointment. tights disguise fat legs.

I though this was a. hilarious and b. an interesting perspective to share with you.

Wasn't eurovision great?

My choice:


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Interviews and lack of revision

Hi lovers,

1.Clare you are amazing and beautiful. I miss you a lot and think you should come to London forever. Kateeee - I love the book spreads. Mary - Aaron is hot stuff with his new hair, no joke. It's not funny. He also helps me / does my numerical tests.

2. Oh My G - I have an exam on the first and don't get income and substitution effects.

3. I did an interviews at fidelity today, they called me back to tell me the news but I didn't have my phone on me. So I have to wait till tomorrow. aaaaa.

4. Tiny denim shorts + crop tops? Can I improve this look if I make my stomach flatter / get a tan? Only for leisure wear though, like the country, beaches etc etc. Trailer trash?

5. My mum came to London and took me for afternoon tea at Harrods last week. All the courses on the stand have unlimited refills. mmmm. Harrods is so cool. I love the pet shop. Then we spend the aternoon trying on silly sunglasses it cheered me up no end as before I had been quite sad.

The end xxx