Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dear Katie

I've created a blog, so I can comment on teabelle and write to you publicly. Also when I have something to write about myself, this page will be amaze. xxx

p.s this is mackers.


  1. yayy i this is mega exciting news. please send me your profile picture it is far too small here! xxxx also i love my personalised blog post. and your cat.

  2. Snap. to everything but the cat. I'm not a big fan. Though since i can't really see it, I'm coping. Also, I'm not going to blog, I'm just going to stalk. p.s. Alice, lets make a video where you say something like "there are 4 reasons you're silly mary: one, you drink too much caffeine, bee, because you procrastinate too much and thirdly you mock me."