Friday, 14 May 2010

Hi Ladies. It's been a while since I spoke to any of you, so I'm making up for it with this blog post.

Recently ...

1. I was sad about the election, I thought GB's speech when he left was really really nice. So sad. I hate democracy, it's so lame. Time for the Li dictatorship? (she'll be our benevolent and wise leaders). However there was one upside to the political turmoil... me and aaron have been placing a few bets with Ladbrokes!!! Excellent profit.

2. I spent Tuesday doing NOTHING productive but EVERYTHING nice. I went with my cool auntie around everywhere I should go more often. First to Harrods for a krispy kreme breakfast. I really don't go to Harrods enough, its garish and kind of vulgar but in a beautiful way. Then a brief stop at the V&A followed by a little lunch and cocktails in Gordon's Bar in Selfridges. I haven't been in there for years but it's very good. Their Bramble cocktail tasted like Haribo.

3. Thursday I went to work, the only good side is that it's just off Kensington High Street and I can browse whole foods.

4. Friday... RECKITT BENCKISER INTERVIEW. So I applied after seeing it on the Finance Society email. Got through to the assessment day - their final round. OMG I'll rant about it when I don't get it... on Monday or Tuesday. Seriously why can't they do their final round like GS did, some nice sensible interviews? Also my VERY expensive suit is now a little too big for me (because i'm amazing), which is nice, but it cost so much money. It didn't look too bad though and I wore exceptionally nice heels. - I'll post a picture of how hot I looked soon. xxx

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