Monday, 17 May 2010

For all who procrastinate...

In Neate House, we have a new motto, one that we all ought to live by.

What would Thatcher do?

Aaron came up with this one! (Aaron's inspiration in life is Thatcher, respect.). I'm not saying I love Thatcher or anything she did, this is NOT political. As we all know I'm labour and that is how it will stay. But you see Thatcher was very hard working, ambitious, driven etc etc... and immaculately presented. What a role model! So keep a picture of her by your desk and when you find yourself procrastinating, being rubbish or lazy just think ... WWTD? She wouldn't be facebook stalking. She'd be revising like crazy.



  1. I think putting a photo of hilda by my workplace might result in workplace avoidance...

  2. I'm going to get a large framed photo of this lady, or perhaps you, either one.