Thursday, 27 May 2010

Interviews and lack of revision

Hi lovers,

1.Clare you are amazing and beautiful. I miss you a lot and think you should come to London forever. Kateeee - I love the book spreads. Mary - Aaron is hot stuff with his new hair, no joke. It's not funny. He also helps me / does my numerical tests.

2. Oh My G - I have an exam on the first and don't get income and substitution effects.

3. I did an interviews at fidelity today, they called me back to tell me the news but I didn't have my phone on me. So I have to wait till tomorrow. aaaaa.

4. Tiny denim shorts + crop tops? Can I improve this look if I make my stomach flatter / get a tan? Only for leisure wear though, like the country, beaches etc etc. Trailer trash?

5. My mum came to London and took me for afternoon tea at Harrods last week. All the courses on the stand have unlimited refills. mmmm. Harrods is so cool. I love the pet shop. Then we spend the aternoon trying on silly sunglasses it cheered me up no end as before I had been quite sad.

The end xxx


  1. I think you know the answer to this. You look smokin hot, no need for tan or weight loss. nana. why sad? I feel like calling you, i may call you tomorrow! Be prepared for some voice-on -voice contact!!! love love love xxxx

  2. All I can deduce from this is that you don't want me to come to London forever and you're not taking my course seriously...LEARN HARDER. I suggest liposuction and injections of melanin-releasing melanocyte injections? I'm looking into getting fat redistributed from my beer belly/butt to my boobs. Gooosh technology is amaze. xx

  3. Oh, and you don't like my bookspreads...? What is up with that, eh?

  4. I was thinking of doing like 5 sit ups and getting a spray tan.

    I do want you to come to london forever but I thought you were bound by teach first.

    How is it going anyway mary? Though I know you work very hard and I have no doubt that you'll be amazing.

    Ok I'll never wear this combo again in my life. I DIDN"T BUY IT.


  5. I just realised how many exclamation marks i used previously, urgh. tsch i wanted to see this combo in the lakes, maximum flesh is mandatory. also, i will still be calling you preparreed

  6. max nakedness = skinny dipping. JA JA!