Sunday, 29 August 2010


I went to Croatia on the 19th -24th It was amazing. The hotel was so nice, the sea was so nice, the buffet breakfast was so nice. I was totally happy. Though if I'm honest I'd be happy in a hostel too, I just like to go away.

Anyway it was beautiful and now i'm back in London, in stinky covent garden. Sounds like a nice place to live but its kind of filthy and as i'm writing this I can hear a mouse eating its way round the kitchen. And i'm super bored, I woke up with memory loss and the worst hangover with mere flashbacks of the preceeding evening. Horrible. I have not been so drunk since I was a) refused entry to zoo bar, b) came back after a night out to down shots of vodka and c) got so drunk on £1 drinks in Sheffield Varsity that i couldn't stop knocking peoples drinks over. I hate it. And the bad feeling from that has ruined my day which could have been filled with waaaay more exciting things like cinema and museums and stuff. Though I did see this comedian called Doug Stanhope who was made me laugh lots or it could have just been the wine making me laugh.

Good news in my life is that I can finally see the end of this internship, where although the people are lovely, I just never want to do this kind of work again. I am super happy about returning to Pimlico where I have space and am desperate for term to start because there are so many things I want to do. I feel like I'm nowhere right now.

Also excellent news is that I've got an interview for a job in the LSE careers service office £10.45 an hour 10-15 hours a week. This really would save my bacon, be a nice addition to the CV and enable me to go somewhere on this list...


Want to come home and see you all very soon xxx

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  1. TEN POUNDS an HOUR?? crikey. i just got back from spain and am dead, so i will think of a more fully formed response after i've had a cup of tea xxx ps i saw the holiday pics on fb, vair nice